Working Group 2: SHM Strategies and Structural Performance

Chairs: Marios Chryssanthopoulos, Geert Lombaert and Michael Döhler
M. Chryssanthopoulos, G. Lombaert and M. Döhler
Introduction of WG2  PDF / Video Login
M.P. Limongelli et al. Interpolation methods for the detection of localized stiffness losses
PDF / Video Login
K. Kaynardag and S. Soyöz Seismic performance assessment of a tall building based on real-time monitoring PDF / Video Login
R. Schneider, S. Thöns and D. Straub System reliability updating of welded jacket-type structures subjected to fatigue with global monitoring information PDF / Video Login
 F. Hille Subspace-based detection of fatigue damage on a steel frame laboratory structure for offshore applications PDF / Video Login
S. Thöns, J. Niedźwiedź, and G. Bednarski Pressurized Structural Member Damage Detection PDF / Video Login
M. Maślak and M. Pazdanowski Probability-based durability prediction for corroded shell of steel cylindrical tank for liquid fuel storage PDF / Video Login
J. Markova et al. Monitoring of bridges for calibration of load models PDF / Video Login
H. Sousa et al. Long-term monitoring system of the Lezíria Bridge – past experience, current status and future challenges PDF / Video Login
A. Mandić Ivanković et al. Finding a link between measured indicators and structural performance of concrete arch bridges PDF / Video Login
Zornoza et al. SHM with fiber optic sensors at AIMEN technology center PDF / Video Login
28 MAY 2024