TU1402 Guidelines

Three guidelines namely for operators, scientists and practicing engineers on quantifying the value of structural health information (SHI) for decision support have emerged from the COST Action TU1402 in close cooperation with the Joint Committee on Structural Safety (JCSS):

Guide for Operators
The Guide for Operators contains recommendations for the use of SHI value analyses by infrastructure owners, operators and authorities aiming at an enhanced infrastructure performance and utility management in terms of costs, life safety and sustainability.

Guide for Practicing Engineers
The Guide for Practicing Engineers aims to provide guidance in applying, implementing and using results of value of SHI analyses.

Guide for Scientists
The Guide for Scientists provides a consistent formulation of value of SHI decision scenarios encompassing probabilistic SHI system performance and cost models, probabilistic infrastructure performance and utility models and approaches for adapting infrastructure performance models with SHI.

14 JUNE 2024