Panorama of Trogir

Training School Trogir 2018

The second TU1402 Training School on the Value of Structural Health Monitoring Information was held in Trogir, Croatia from 24. to 28. September 2018.

The objective of the second COST TU1402 Training School was to explore methods and tools to implement a Value of Information analysis in structural engineering. Through the training school the students acquired knowledge and skills on the implementation of probabilistic modelling, structural reliability analysis and decision analysis by the use of Bayesian networks. All learning content was taught alongside its implementation in a selected case study.


Group picture

The panorama of Trogir is taken from Wikimedia Commons, it was created by Rgrrbbt. It is licensed under GFDL and CC-BY-SA-3.0

Pictures of the training school were taken by Mateo Smolic-Rocak.
15 APRIL 2024