Student case studies

As members and researchers in COST Action TU1402 several students contributed with case studies which they presented at the 2nd TU1402 Training School. The presented case studies were at different stages to their completion. Please find below video recordings of their presentations.

Visual inspection of grass revetments

By Wouter Jan Klerk


Risk-based Design of an Offshore Wind Turbine Support Structure using VoI

By Jorge Mendoza


Probabilistic assessment of existing road bridges using B-WIM measurements

By Dominik Skokandić


Cusumao Bridge

By Pier Francesco Giordano


SCADA data in remaining fatigue life of monopile support structures

By Quang Mai

Lijia Long
PhD student at Federal Institute of Material Testing and Research

Sima Rastayesh
PhD student at Aalborg University
Seyed Mijtaba Hoseyni
PhD student at Politechnico di Milano
Filippos Alogdianakis
PhD student at the University of Cyprus
Jorge Mendoza Espinosa
PhD student at NTNU, Trondheim
14 JUNE 2024