Working Group 4: Case Studies Portfolio

Chairs: Jochen Köhler and Helmut Wenzel
J. Köhler Introduction of WG4 PDF Video Login
H. Wenzel Available case studies from previous projects PDF Video Login
P. Tanner and M. Prieto
Risk reduction though monitoring of road bridges
S. Bonelli and K. Radzicki
Health monitoring of earthen embankments
M. Kušar and J. Šelih
 Analysis of degradation process on Slovenian bridges
J. Leander
Service life prediction by monitoring of three bridges in Sweden
W. Courage  Structural health monitoring
L. O. Santos and X. Min
 Thirty years of structural monitoring of São João Bridge PDF
M. Sykora, M. Holicky and J. Markova
Challenges in Monitoring of Cooling Towers and Industrial Chimneys
14 JUNE 2024