Working Group 1: Theoretical Framework

Chairs: M.H. Faber and D. Val

M.H. Faber, D. Val and S. Thöns

Value of Information in SHM - Considerations on the Theoretical Framework

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D. Honfi and D. Lange  Structural health monitoring, a tool for improving critical infrastructure resilience PDF / Video Login
J.H. Roldsgaard and M.H. Faber  Quantifying the value of structural health monitoring – A generic example PDF / Video Login

C. Xing , R. Caspeele, L. Taerwe

Evaluating the value of structural heath monitoring with time-dependent performance indicators and hazard functions using Bayesian dynamic predictions  PDF / Video Login
 S. Thöns and M.H. Faber

The dependency of the value of structural health monitoring on structural system characteristics

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 P. Omenzetter  A framework for reliability assessment of a major bridge incorporating structural health monitoring data PDF / Video Login
28 MAY 2024