Working Group 2

Miroslav Sykora, Jana Markova
Assessment of cooling towers and industrial chimneys based on monitoring
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Luis Oliveira Santos, António Castro
Structural monitoring of dams
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Rafał Szydłowski, Mariusz Maślak, Michał Pazdanowski
Monitoring of the prestressed concrete slabs with unbonded tendons during erection and in service
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Maria Giovanna Masciotta, José A.C. Matos, Luís F. Ramos
The value of SHM for the structural behaviour of masonry structures under varying environmental effects
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Krzysztof Radzicki, Stephane Bonelli
Thermal monitoring of dams and levees
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W.M.G. Courage, G.T. Luiten, W.H.A. Peelen, A.J. Bigaj van Vliet
Smart Structures for Smart Maintenance
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Piotr Omenzetter, Maria Pina Limongelli, Serdar Soyoz, Ufuk Yazgan
Towards understanding and quantifying the value of SHM and inspection data for seismic risk management of buildings
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Alfred Strauss, Ana Mandic, Helder Sousa
Performance indicators for bridges
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Aleš Žnidarič, Maja Kreslin, Jan Kalin
Weigh-in-motion and traffic load monitoring
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Sebastian Thöns, Simona Miraglia
22 JULY 2024