WG3: Methods and Tools

WG3 aims to provide an overview on the different analyses and computations that are involved in the VoI process, as defined within the context of SHM. The concept of the Value of Information (VoI) enables a quantification of the benefits provided via adoption of Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) systems – in principle. However, its implementation remains a challenge as it requires explicit modelling of the structural system’s life cycle, and in particular of the type and level of decisions that are taken based on the SHM information.

While many methods and tools exist for the individual components of the VoI analysis, these have seldom been put together for a complete VoI analysis. The objectives of the third working group lie in identifying, developing and critically overviewing methods and tools required for the utilization of the theoretical VoI framework in practice. Considering the multiplicity of methods involved, successful incorporation into actual Operation and Maintenance schemes necessitates standardization of the vocabulary, models and methods undertaken.

In satisfying these goals, the WG3 members have delivered numerous of factsheets and publications, for framing the aspects of the Value of Information within the SHM context, as per the following Influence Diagram, defined in [1]:

WG2 diagram showing work flow with information and actions

The “Software Database on VoI & UQ” document, available for download here, summarizes existing tools that may be used in the context of a VoI analysis.

The toy case-study -“benchmark” - to be made available to the scientific community, will offer a common platform for V&V of the VoI tools.

 Daniel Straub   Eleni Chatzi

SHM – Providing Value by Informing Decisions & Turning Data into Knowledge

[1] D. Straub, E. Chatzi, E. Bismut, W.M.G. Courage, M. Döhler, M.H. Faber, J. Köhler, G. Lombaert, P. Omenzetter, M. Pozzi, S. Thöns, D. Val, H. Wenzel and D. Zonta, "Value of Information: A roadmap to quantifying the benefit of structural health monitoring", 12nd international conference on Structural Safety & Reliability (ICOSSAR2017), August 6-10, 2017, Vienna, Austria. 
21 JULY 2024