WG6: Dissemination

A major challenge of COST TU1402 is to disseminate the idea of and the framework for assessing the value of SHM before its implementation among stakeholders. The team of WG6 is actively engaged in dedicated activities aimed to continuously and promptly ensure the public diffusion of the progresses and results of the Action.

Internet and social media are today one of the most effective outreach mean for the general diffusion of information. They are exploited in COST TU1402 through the creation of a website, a Linkedin and a Facebook group and Youtube videos for the diffusion of the Action purposes and contents. The Action website is constantly updated with video streams of keynote presentations from the Action workshops and from highly recognized and visible international conferences where Special Sessions focused on VoI for SHM are organized. In the website the written material produced within the Action is available for consultation, together with general information about the Action and its participants.

A glossary has been created to facilitate the scientific collaboration and the exchanges between the diverse expertise present in the Action.

Peer-reviewed journals are still the main device for the communication of the results of high-quality research. In order to diffuse the major findings of the Action, the publication of Special Issues on VoI of SHM in peer reviewed scientific journals has been set up

Training schools directed to young researchers and practitioners have been organized.


Don't ask what monitoring COSTs, ask how monitoring adds VALUE

21 FEBRUARY 2024