WG5: Development of Guidelines

Guideline documents are needed to facilitate the implementation of the principles and methods developed in the working groups WG1 to WG4. Therefore, guidelines have been jointly developed, elaborated and discussed with interaction through the network of TU1402 and the JCSS members to standardization committees such as e.g. EUROCODES, fib, RILEM, and IABSE.

Three guidelines dealing with “Quantifying the Value of Structural Health Information (SHI) for Decision Support” have been worked out reflecting different levels of approaches and audiences and addressing questions as follows:

1. Guide for Operators: What should the infrastructure operators and owners ask for? (PDF)

2. Guide for Practicing Engineers: How can an engineer perform and support the quantification of the Value of SHI? (PDF)

3. Guide for Scientists: How to enter research on value of SHI and how to apply decision analyses to my research field? (PDF)

Structural Health Information (SHI) is understood in this guideline as the process of measuring parameters influencing the structural health and consequently performance of a structural system. Thereby the measured parameter can be a single variable such as load (action parameter) or structural property or a function of variables such as strain or displacement (reaction parameter). In addition, the local and global condition of a structural system can be accounted for with (visual) inspection, non-destructive evaluation, damage detection and proof loading information.

Value of SHI quantification and optimisation across the life cycle phases based on Risk Assessment in Engineering
Value of SHI quantification and optimisation across the life cycle phases based on Risk Assessment in Engineering - Principles, System Representation & Risk Criteria.” JCSS Joint Committee on Structural Safety. http://www.jcss.ethz.ch/publications/JCSS_RiskAssessment.pdf

The approaches (guide for scientists), application and examples (guide for practicing engineers) and context in for the asset management (guide for operators) for the quantification of the value of SHI are independent of material, (structural) system type and functionality.

  Prof. Dimitris Diamantidis

Guidelines and standardisation work are a joint effort!

14 JUNE 2024