Innovation Committee

Innovation is not a concept but a way of thinking and for that reason, it is a key aspect and holds a pivotal position within the COST Action TU1402. The uniqueness of this network by joining both sides the best experts from academia and the most promising entrepreneurs from industry, sets the perfect bottom line for the next generation of SHM databased solutions.
Three main pillars lay the foundation of innovation process within the COST Action TU1402:

Think outside of the box (:


By stimulating a creative process between people in the COST Action based on recommendations related to activities that are able to promote the sharing of ideas towards the quantification of the value of SHM.


Be brave!


By favouring an effective engagement between researchers and industrial partners. This will enhance the creation of high-qualified jobs for young researchers (e.g. by STSM) and the submission of consortium project proposals, which is definitely the most successful path for the next generation of SHM-based solutions.

roller coaster


Let's change people's mind?


By guaranteeing the effective wide spread of all outcomes of the work developed during the COST Action. Dissemination of knowledge, monitor knowledge use and evaluate impact is particularly focussed by using proper channels of communication.  Dissemination  
In a wider perspective, the mission of the Innovation Committee of the COST Action TU1402 comprise both deepening – focus – and broadening – managerial actions.

The focus is on the above mentioned: (i) innovation, (ii) entrepreneurship and (iii) dissemination pillars, whereas a set of managerial actions assure the linkage between all, mainly by: (i) driving the process with recommendations by looking to both parts, academia and industry, (ii) monitoring the process by the implementation of the recommendations and (iii) developing a capacity to innovate that it lasts over time, i.e. beyond the COST Action time-frame.

mission of innovation committee

Helder Sousa Helder Sousa
Leader of the Innovation Committee
BRISA Group, Portugal
20 APRIL 2019