Expected results

The main objective of the Action is to facilitate sustainable societal developments through improvements of resource efficiency, productivity, robustness, reliability and safety in the design and assets management for structures and infrastructure systems by optimized Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) systems.

In reaching the stated objectives the Action will provide five main deliverables:

  1. A chapter to the Probabilistic Model Code of the JCSS covering the theoretical and methodological aspects of the quantification of the value of SHM.
  2. A library of tools and algorithms developed or tailored for support of the quantification of the values of SHM before its implementation.
  3. A guideline on the quantification of the value and optimization of SHM with detailed examples aimed specifically at practising engineers.
  4. A well-developed homepage including video streams of keynote presentations from workshops and conferences, written material produced within the Action as well as information about the Action and its participants in general.
  5. Dedicated dissemination activities, including training courses for practising engineers and researchers, regular workshops and special sessions at international conferences.

27 MAY 2019